MainStreet Messenger

MainStreet MessengerThe MainStreet Messenger is more than just a telephone

At the heart of the program is the award-winning MainStreet Messenger telephone. The Messenger is a state of the art personal emergency response system.

Emergency Features:

High Quality Two-Way Voice is Important in an Emergency because:

  • More information can be gathered about the emergency.
  • False alarms are reduced.
  • Dispatcher can give assurance to the individual during emergency situations.

Waterproof Transmitter:

  • Worn on the wrist or around the neck; can be used in shower or bath.

Activity Monitoring:

  • If the resident's MainStreet Messenger is inactive for a programmed period of time (12, 18,or 24 hours) the Messenger sends an alarm. By pushing the “away button, activity monitoring can be temporarily disabled.

Daily Reminders:

  • The Messenger beeps at a programmed time to remind the user of appointments, medication times, etc.

Rechargeable Backup battery:

  • Protects against short-term power failure up to six hours.

Easy Integration:

  • The Messenger is integrated with a wireless smoke detector and can be used with more than one pendant for couples.

Telephone Features:

Visual Ringing:

  • keypad flashes to alert the hearing impaired

Memory Dialing buttons:

  • for one touch dialing.

Large Backlit Keypad:

  • easy to see even in the dark..

Handset & Speaker Volume Controls.

Ringer Pitch & Volume Control.

Hearing Aid Compatible handset.

About Emergency Response Services

As we grow older, we find ourselves becoming more concerned about personal safety and the safety of our elderly parents. We all want to enjoy the independence that we've worked so hard to earn.

Safety is certainly important, but so is independence. Seniors want to be on their own and to live in their own homes. They also don't want to be a burden to their loved ones. With the MainStreet Messenger Emergency Response Service offered by Charles Mix Electric, seniors can remain independent while feeling safe and secure.

How the Emergency Response Service works

Should an elderly or disabled customer become ill or fall, he/she can call for immediate help by pressing the alert button on the MainStreet Messenger or the personal transmitter pendant (worn on the wrist or around the neck).

When activated, an immediate call is placed to the Security Response Services monitoring station, where trained professional dispatchers will be in two-way voice contact with the customer requesting assistance. Important information about the customer is displayed at the monitoring station allowing the dispatcher to determine the nature of the call and take the appropriate action. With the MainStreet Messenger, help in an emergency is just moments away!

Availability and Cost

The system is made available to anyone in and around Charles Mix County, regardless if they are a member of Charles Mix Electric or not.

The service is available for $22 plus tax. Service includes phone rental with a smoke detector and 24/7 monitoring service.

Call 487-7321 or Toll free (800) 208-8587

What is Security & Response Services?

Security and Responses Services (SRS) features service dispatchers 24 hours a day, 7 day days a week. Located in Bismarck, ND, SRS is a subsidiary of Basin Electric Power Cooperative. Operated as cooperatives do, SRS provides services to enrich the rural quality of life.

SRS can monitor the following types of alarms:

  • Police
  • Fire
  • Medical
  • Environmental

SRS service dispatchers are trained to determine the nature and immediacy of incoming calls. To provide callers with assistance, dispatchers have immediate contact with responders, police & fire departments as well as ambulance services.
As an ongoing commitment, training is conducted annually to improve staff technical and customer service skills.