Board of Directors

Directors are elected by the members at the Annual Meeting. Each director serves a three year term, representing his/her district with the exception of one At-large position. Directors are nominated by petition one month prior to the Annual Meeting. Charles Mix Electric does not have term limits.

Officers are chosen by the directors during an annual reorganizational board meeting following the Annual Meeting. Board officers consist of the President, Vice-president and Secretary/Treasurer.

Board Meetings occur on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Annual Meeting date is the 2nd Wednesday of October. 

The board of directors retain an attorney to represent the cooperative for legal matters. However, the attorney is not an employee of the cooperative.

Richard Dvorak
Richard Dvorak (Darlene)
District 2 - President
Pickstown, SD
Ron Samuelson
Ron Samuelson (Linda)
District 3 - Vice-President
Platte, SD
Sam Schuman
Sam Schuman (Tina)
District 3 - Secretary
Geddes, SD
Dale Link
Dale Link (Joleen)
District 1 Director
Wagner, SD













Don Krcil
Don Krcil (Marilee)
At-Large Director
Dante, SD
Bruce Bultje
Brice Bultje (Darci)
District 2 Director
Lake Andes, SD
Denise Soukup
Denise Soukup (Ron)
District 1 Director
Wagner, SD
Mike Whalen
Mike Whalen (Deb)
Cooperative Attorney
Rapid City, SD