Forbidden Files

This is a list of Files that typically cannot be sent via email because of the security concerns.

  • ADE Microsoft Access project extension
  • ADP Microsoft Access project
  • ASX Windows Media Audio / Video
  • BAS Microsoft Visual Basic class module
  • BAT Batch file
  • CHM Compiled HTML Help file
  • CMD Microsoft Windows NT Command script
  • CPL Control Panel extension
  • CRT Security certificate
  • EXE Program
  • HLP Help file
  • HTA HTML program
  • INF Setup Information
  • INS Internet Naming Service
  • ISP Internet Communication settings
  • JS JScript File
  • JSE JScript Encoded Script file
  • LNK Shortcut
  • MDA Microsoft Access add-in program
  • MDB Microsoft Access program
  • MDE Microsoft Access MDE database
  • MDT Microsoft Access workgroup information
  • MDW Microsoft Access workgroup information
  • MDZ Microsoft Access wizard program
  • MSC Microsoft Common Console document
  • MSI Microsoft Windows Installer package
  • MSP Microsoft Windows Installer patch
  • MST Microsoft Windows Installer transform, Microsoft Visual Test source file
  • OPS Office XP settings
  • PCD Photo CD Image, Microsoft Visual compiled script
  • PIF Shortcut to MS-DOS program
  • PRF Microsoft Outlook profile settings
  • REG Registration entries
  • SCF Windows Explorer command
  • SCR Screen saver
  • SCT Windows Script Component
  • SHB Shell Scrap object
  • SHS Shell Scrap object
  • VB VBScript file
  • VBE VBScript Encoded script file
  • VBS VBScript file
  • WSC Windows Script Component
  • WSF Windows Script file
  • WSH Windows Scripting Host Settings file

If you are required to send a file of this type, please contact the sender and arrange an alternate means of receiving it.

To receive your required file, have the sender compress the file by using a program such as WinZip ( then re-send the e-mail with the compressed file.

All other Microsoft file extensions are allowed on this mail system. If you feel you received this e-mail by mistake, please check the file for multiple periods (dots) within the filename which can cause confusion with the mail server.