Router Setup Instructions

Setting up a wireless router with the Zyxel DSL modems can be tricky. The Zyxel modems are very unyielding when efforts are made to get them to communicate through a router. Following the setup wizard that comes with a router will often result in frustration and dismay, as was the case in my first efforts to set it up.

The problem lies in that the router wants the same IP address on the computer side of things (LAN) as the Zyxel modem wants on its side (WAN). The only way to remedy the conflict is to change the Local IP address in the router to something other than what the Zyxel modem has. The following is the "how to" to change your Local IP address. For this example, I am going to use the Linksys router as this seems to be the most common.

  1. Start your setup wizard for the router (usually a CD) and follow all the instructions except: DO NOT PLUG THE ROUTER INTO THE ZYXEL MODEM. Leave that one unplugged until later.
  2. Continue with the router setup wizard all the way through to the point when it states that it cannot connect to the internet. Stop there and leave the setup wizard window open.
  3. Open Internet Explorer and type in the address bar. Hit enter on your keyboard. You should get a log on window. If you had changed the username and password, use those. The default username and password are admin and 1234.
  4. When you successfully log on, you should get a window that looks like this:
    router setup screenshot

Change the following items on the page:

  1. Local IP address:
  2. Enter the first two Static DNS as:
  3. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom.
  4. You're done. Close Internet Explorer.
  5. Plug in the cord from the Router to the Zyxel Modem.
  6. Go back to the Router Setup window and finish the wizard.
  7. You're done. Restart your computer and have fun!

This will work for other brands of Routers as long as you change the Local IP address to