Charles Mix Electric welcomes all opportunities to provide electric service to new and existing customers. However, the board of directors has set very specific policies regarding the construction or extension of lines to supply power to new loads:

  • New Services are categorized by load, type (3 or single phase) and voltage. The requirements of the customer will determine the service type and rate class of the new load.
  • New services for residential, pasture wells, or seasonal loads require a five-year contract guaranteeing payment of the minimum monthly or annual service charges. The amount of the minimum service charge will be either the regular monthly charge or the annual minimum charge. New loads that require over ¼ mile of new line will be charged based on the amount of line extension needed. In order to recover construction costs, a customer may be required to make a contribution in aid to construction before construction begins.
  • New or additional services require submission of either a New Service Application  or an Additional Service Agreement along with 5 Year Service Contract 
  • New services for commercial or industrial loads have a different set of rules that are best covered by talking directly to a representative of Charles Mix Electric. 1(800)208-8587
  • Construction type, i.e. overhead versus underground, is at the discretion of the General Manager, for whatever reason he deems appropriate. If a consumer requests an underground-type service where an overhead-type service is practical, the consumer must pay the cost difference between the underground and overhead construction. The inverse is also true.

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