Charles Mix Electric provides electrical service to most of the geographical area of Charles Mix County. Charles Mix Electric is headquartered in Lake Andes, SD and operates an outpost in the Platte, SD area. The county is over 100 miles long and just under 20 miles at it's fattest point

Power is delivered to the area based on service territories defined in South Dakota state law. Most municipalities within Charles Mix County are served by North Western Energy, based in Huron, South Dakota. 800 245-6977 is external)

The town of Pickstown is the only municipality that operates it's own electrical distribution system. Charles Mix Electric contracts with the town for new construction and power outage restoration. Pickstown Municipal Power. 605 487-7553

Charles Mix Electric purchases all electric energy from East River Electric, based in Madison, SD. This power is transmitted to six different substations throughout the county as indicated by the black stars on the map.